Thursday, 11 October 2012

Two new cuff bracelets

I must say I really enjoy making leather and embroidery bracelets. I do though have to buy needles for sewing leather as using normal needles is not much fun. On Monday I finished two bracelets, if you remember two pieces of cross stitched linen I was working on, I ended up using for my bracelets.

I absolutely love the triangle one, I think I might make one for myself. There are two holes cut into the leather, so you need to pull thinner end in through one hole and out of the other (hope it makes sense :-) and it's fastened by vintage plastic brown button and elastic loop. The cuff has two blue ceramic buttons sewn on.

The second one is simple, yet very elegant. I did not want to 'overdo' it, as I thought that cross stitched piece of linen deserved something really simple.

Both bracelets are stitched by dark blue thread. You can wear them with just about anything, your favourite jeans or a dress...

I am just in a process in listing them onto Etsy, so if you like them, please just stop by. It's Friday tomorrow so have a lovely last working day and look forward to the weekend! Good night!

And here are the pictures, of course...







  1. The cuffs are so cute! Especially with the big buttons!
    Found you through etsy success and am your newest follower! ;-)

  2. Thank you Jamie. I've just checked your etsy shop and blog and your stuff is really cute. I love that you recycle stuff. Don't you find it so gratifying when you give new life to something old. I think it's so much easier to create something from new fabrics and other supplies, but it's so much fun to recycle. I am your follower now (not that you need anymore...)