Thursday, 11 October 2012

Two new cuff bracelets

I must say I really enjoy making leather and embroidery bracelets. I do though have to buy needles for sewing leather as using normal needles is not much fun. On Monday I finished two bracelets, if you remember two pieces of cross stitched linen I was working on, I ended up using for my bracelets.

I absolutely love the triangle one, I think I might make one for myself. There are two holes cut into the leather, so you need to pull thinner end in through one hole and out of the other (hope it makes sense :-) and it's fastened by vintage plastic brown button and elastic loop. The cuff has two blue ceramic buttons sewn on.

The second one is simple, yet very elegant. I did not want to 'overdo' it, as I thought that cross stitched piece of linen deserved something really simple.

Both bracelets are stitched by dark blue thread. You can wear them with just about anything, your favourite jeans or a dress...

I am just in a process in listing them onto Etsy, so if you like them, please just stop by. It's Friday tomorrow so have a lovely last working day and look forward to the weekend! Good night!

And here are the pictures, of course...






Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fruitful weekend!

The weather has been pretty miserable for the last two days, but last weekend it was very different story, gorgeous and sunny. Crisp fresh Saturday morning called for mushroom picking and a little walk. We definitely weren't disappointed. I haven't seen this many mushrooms for a while.

Aren't they just so pretty, and also yummy. There is nothing so satisfying as foraging, maybe just growing your own. I must say, that as a girl who lived in a block of flats most of my life, would never consider growing my own vegetables very exciting, but it has changed. Having had a little garden for the last couple of years, I find growing my own veg very satisfying. It's not always success, but never mind. This year the weather's been really against us, but still managed to grow a lot green beans, few cucumbers, some courgettes, just picked our tomatoes, still green, but will be good enough for chutney. It's been second year I've been trying to grow peppers, didn't happen last year, so I've been especially excited this year. Just moved them indoors, to grow them a bit bigger.
Love it!


 And last of my experiments is making lime pickle, it's been a long process, over a month so far, just added all the spices to it, it smells like lime pickle now, can't wait for it to be ready.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My first two necklaces and what I'm working on right now

After making couple of wrist cuff, I thought I'll have a go creating necklaces. I actually haven't done any cross stitch until recently for many years, probably since I was a teenager. There is something very relaxing about it, as you can do it while watching TV and you never know what it's going to look like (at least in my case). So after using cross stitch on my handbag, which I've done recently and on one of my wrist cuffs, I thought I would be good idea to use it on necklaces. I'm very happy with the result. What do you think?

I haven't really been able to do much sewing in the last couple of week. To cut long story short, I have few stitches in my index finger, so it's been a little bit difficult. I was missing it so much, that I had a go on a little bit of cross stitching

So just wait and see what they'll end up as, I think that most likely bracelets, I'm thinking blue ceramic beads I've got and maybe, only maybe blue lace, let's surprise you and myself as well.
See you soon.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hurray! Pictures taken.

It's been over a week. I've been waiting for better weather to take the pictures for ages , and the only nice day was last Saturday and I missed it. So on Sunday, even though the weather wasn't very nice, I didn't really want to wait anymore as my dresses are summer dresses, so I'm a bit late :-(.

My lovely friend aneighbour Claire agreed to be my model as the dresses are size 8, so no chance I would get into them. Feeling just a little bit jealous...

The cut of the dresses is the same, but the pink stripy one is entirely made out of recycled men's shirt and the other one of blue men's shirt and a piece of new flowery cotton.

The pink one actually started as a top, but before I cut the shirt I've realised that the shirt was big enough for a dress, so the dress was born. The dress is knee length, unlined, fastened by buttons on the back, and has little pocket on the front and cap sleeves made from shirt cuffs. Cut just above the bust, the top part has vertical and bottom part horizontal stripes.

And here are the pictures:

The second dress is very similar, but look very different because I combined two fabrics together, old and new, blue recycled men's shirt with paisley pattern, which you can only see on closer inspection, on the top and lovely colourful flowery cotton, which is new. This dress is fastened by red zip on the back. It also has cap sleeves made from shirt cuffs.


You can see one of my necklaces on the last pictures. More details and pictures coming soon.