Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fruitful weekend!

The weather has been pretty miserable for the last two days, but last weekend it was very different story, gorgeous and sunny. Crisp fresh Saturday morning called for mushroom picking and a little walk. We definitely weren't disappointed. I haven't seen this many mushrooms for a while.

Aren't they just so pretty, and also yummy. There is nothing so satisfying as foraging, maybe just growing your own. I must say, that as a girl who lived in a block of flats most of my life, would never consider growing my own vegetables very exciting, but it has changed. Having had a little garden for the last couple of years, I find growing my own veg very satisfying. It's not always success, but never mind. This year the weather's been really against us, but still managed to grow a lot green beans, few cucumbers, some courgettes, just picked our tomatoes, still green, but will be good enough for chutney. It's been second year I've been trying to grow peppers, didn't happen last year, so I've been especially excited this year. Just moved them indoors, to grow them a bit bigger.
Love it!


 And last of my experiments is making lime pickle, it's been a long process, over a month so far, just added all the spices to it, it smells like lime pickle now, can't wait for it to be ready.


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