Thursday, 15 November 2012

Time flies.... and "Fabric Party" bag

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. Time seems to fly. Do you also sometimes realise after another week passed, that you haven't managed to do any of the thing you were planning to do? I planned to do lots of sewing projects, but only made two tops and a bag, but only took pictures of the bag. I must admit that it's more difficult for me to take the pictures, than to create something. So I really like to make bags and bracelets as there is no need to bother my boyfriend to take the pictures for me and pretend to be a model, as I really don't like it, not really photogenic, or to bother someone else.

So it's probably going to take a little while to take the pictures of my tops.

"Fabric Party"

I've been carrying a bag design in my head for ages. I had a piece of lovely heavy white linen left from a curtain project I made for someone. Absolutely gorgeous fabric, was pretty expensive. I've decided to combine it with few different fabrics to create unique applique on the front, red silk sari fabric, recycled denim, blue cotton from men's shirt and tweed fabric bought in the charity shop, all stitched by red thread. Hence the name "Fabric Party".

The bag has 4 inside pockets, two on each side, and is closed by a fabric flap made of the same fabrics and vintage black button.

Comfortable wide strap is made of all the above fabrics cut in different shapes and again stitched by red thread on one side and blue cotton from men's shirt on the other with two metal bangles, one golden, one silver, which look like buckle.

The lining is made of flowery white cotton and red silk fabric. There is silk applique and two blue vintage lace strips sewn on the back of the bag.
I used to go to charity shops to look for pieces of clothing for myself. And now I usually find myself looking of stuff that can be reused, upcycled, reborn.

I must say that I absolutely love my new bag.

This is how it started.....

And this is the finished bag....

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