Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Chunky knitted cowl scarf

Apart from sewing I occasionally knit, or shall I say I used to as this is probably my first knitted item this year apart from my knitted t-shirt rug. Last night I knitted chunky cowl scarf. I can't believe how popular they are. Last year I knitted one for myself and I don't think I saw many people wearing them. And this year everyone's wearing them. They're really comfy.

So I had this purple and green yarn from of course a charity shop. It wasn't thick enough, so I tripled it and combined it with colourful yarn. I made it wider at the bottom. They do not take long to make at all. One evening while watching TV and you're done. So today I'm making my second one, green one, with purple and colourful stripes.

Haven't decided what I'm going to do with them. Might keep one for myself and give the second one to someone for Christmas or sell them or sell one of them. I'll see.

So this is my finished one. Oh... it's so warm.

And the one I'm still working on.....

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