Monday, 8 April 2013

Just few Easter pictures and my new projects

I've been pretty busy last month, mainly working, doing few repair jobs on different garments for people. I haven't had much time to do real sewing. Finished grey dress made from men's shirt and trousers. I will post pictures soon. The friend of mine re-took pictures of all my items in Etsy shop last weekend, so I'll be changing all the pictures soon. Can't wait to give my shop new look. I hope they will attract new customers. I'm not very keen on having pictures taken, but it was great fun.

I've been also working on new skirt, which is made.... you won't believe it from old curtains. They replaced old curtains at work after 20 years, so employees were allowed to take the old ones, otherwise they would have gone to charity shop. It's really great quality fabric, you would never believe it's 20 years old, it's got retro flowery design, which is really in right now. I've decided to make 1950's gathered skirt with pockets. Here's couple of pictures before it was finished. It worked out exactly as I hoped. The skirt has a nice body, as the fabric is thicker, but not too thick.

And here is few pictures from Easter....


Leg of lamb ready to be roasted with garlic and rosemary

Yummy roasted leg of lamb

Few Easter eggs me and Oscar decorated with acrylic paint with a layer of nail varnish on the top. A bit tricky but real fun to do.

My second attempt to make a loaf of bread from scratch.
And my latest project is knitted denim doormat, which I started last night. I cut old jeans into 1 inch thick strips, but it was too thick to knit with, so decided to cut each strip in half, which made knitting possible. Unfortunately it's been such a messy job, that I put it away, deciding to do it in the summer, when I can do it in a garden. This is how much I managed to do in couple of hours last night.


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