Friday, 8 February 2013

I pod monkey case

My stepson Oscar got an I pod for Christmas, so few weekends ago we've decided to make him a case for it. After a little discussion we've decided on a monkey design on the front and denim at the back with a little pocket, dark blue lining with white stripes. Oscar came with an idea to embroider number nine on the pocket to remind him that he was 9 years old when he got his I pod. He did it himself and have done a pretty good job.
He helped with the design, picked the fabrics, buttons and I did the sewing. As the fabrics were a bit thick, it was a bit tricky to put together, it could have been a little bit bigger, but we've been both happy with the finished case.

Its always great to keep all the offcuts, never know when they come handy.

This is the drawing of our design. Changed few things along the way.
And our finished I pod case from the front.
And from the back.

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